Carol W. from California, USA.

MIGRATION TO MEXICO did an excellent job. These days it is hard to get people to respond and perform good customer service. Adriana Vela has excellent communication skills and customer service skills.

Every email I sent was answered within minutes, including emails sent on a weekend and late evenings.

2 thoughts on “Carol W. from California, USA”

  1. Incredible is the only word I can think to use about Adriana Vela’s skills. This lady is professional and just wonderful to work with. Her fees are so reasonable that it would have been crazy to try and navigate the immigration system myself. Years ago I got USA residence and it was so hard compared to this. The Mexican immigration process can take a while and it can be difficult to navigate the red tape involved. I know many people who have had to go back and forth to the immigration office so many times. But using someone that has the knowledge, the connections and the know how can make the process a breeze. Thank you Adriana for the fabulous work you did for me. You truly are a talented, professional lady and I would recommend your services to anyone and everyone that is thinking of making the move to Mexico. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime. Gracias!

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